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Sample Client List

Example Projects (used with permission)

shaka tea.jpg

Shaka Tea

Harrison and Bella have built a unique line of products based on Mamaki, a plant that is native to Hawaii.  The leaves are known to have unique healing properties.   IPS helped Shaka with their entire line of award winning RTD products.


Stapleton-Spence Paking Company

I have been working with Stapleton-Spence for many years. Together, we transformed their business from just dried fruit to dozens of other items.  I helped my client’s business grow. To learn more about my clients and what I can do for you, contact me today.


Golden Tiger Life

I have worked with Golden Tiger Life for over 4 years.  Together we have created multiple categories of Curcumin containing products.   Contact me for more on this healthy story.

good bean.jpeg

The Good Bean

Sarah had a delicious concept for chickpeas.  We helped with her initial development.  With much hard work, God Bean is now a successful, well established brand with many new products.

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